Business registration


Business registration services

In France you are legally obliged to register your business and obtain a Siret number.  This is where I can help you.  I will collate all the documents that need  to be sent with your application and make the demand for a business registration via the official routes:  URSSAF, Guichet Entreprise and the Greffe du Tribunal in your region.   Residents and non-residents who wish to provide holiday accomodation do not have to be affiliated to URSSAF, but are legally obliged to have a siret and report the income annually to the French tax office.

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I offer all new clients a free 30 minute consultation to help identify their needs and type of business registration.  Any extra time over 30 minutes is  charged at 10€ per 15 minutes;


For level 1 - all your information is collated and demand will be made online for your siret number.  Your dossier will be followed to the point where you receive your Siret number and your affiliation document with  URSSAF or the MSA. At this point if you don't already  have a social security number, you will be issued with a temporary one.

Holiday Lettings - this fee also applies to residents and non residents who require a siret number but no affiliation to URSSAF you will be requied to fill in an annual tax return to declare your income.

business registration level 2 - price 200€

For Level 2 - you will receive the level 1 service and follow up.   In addition,  there is a continued follow up to the point where you receive your official 'attestation des droits ouvert' from CPAM.  This is your access to health care in France.  CPAM will also issue your permanent social security number. and CarteVitale.