Declarations and administration

There is no doubt that France loves its paperwork and is as a result heavily bureacratic.  At times this can be ovewhelming even when you have a good command of the language.  This is where Solutions can step in and help lighten the burden.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Whether you are a full time resident or a non resident with an income in France, you are legally obliged to declare your income to the tax office.  A tax return needs to be completed in April/May declaring the previous years income.


Residency is determined by more than the number of days you live in France, so we do advise that you contact us to determine whether or not you should be completing a return.  Your first return is normally a paper return and consequent returns should be done online.

Residents are required to declare all worldwide income in  France with taxes paid in other countries offset with the appropriate double taxation treaty.   Note that tax on private income is normally paid in France and is often lower than the country of origin


If you have an income in France but do not live in France permanently you are legally required to declare that income in the same way as residents do.  Non resident returns are normally done as paper returns

FEES for annual tax returns are 50 euros plus any photocopies and registered postage.

URSSAF - declarations for cotisations - 10€

If you are self employed and need to do declarations to URSSAF on a monthly or quarterly basis, dont miss your deadline.  We can do your declaration and where needed as for a delay in payment.    Declaration only 10€ per month/per quarter.

Demands for delays of payment - 40€ per hour (min charge 20€)

CAF/RSA/Prime activite- quarterley declarations -10€

If you are required to inform the CAF or MSA of your income every three months and need our assistance to make sure you dont miss any deadlines please contact us.

CESU/TESE - Salary declarations

 CESU - Homeowners can employ help around the home and pay the person using the Cheque Emploi Service Universal. which allows you to offset the expense on your tax returns and often leads to a refund.  We can help set up and manage your CESU account and administration.     Price on application

TESE - Titre Emploi Service Entreprise is useful for any small buisness and perfect for the restaurant or hospitality industry.  It allows you to emploi workers for short periods of time and stay within the realms f the law.  We can help you set this up and manage the servic.    Price on application.